Is your life the one you choose to live yourself OR was it chosen for you?
Your real life is just a journey away!

Wedoria Technologies is a start-up from Kolkata which aims to create technology driven products which facilitate people to have fulfilling, meaningful and productive lives. Currently,Wedoria is developing a digital platform of life called MeVero with a vision to create a 'onesome world'; and is backed by one of India's largest media houses - the ABP GROUP.


Wedoria’s mission is to help every one follow their life purpose. A person can have three types of life purposes or intents.

  • To pursue a field of interest or discipline (The path of seeking)
  • To share one’s values with others (The path of bonding)
  • To improve oneself (The path of self-improvement)


What is MeVero?

MeVero is the starting point of Wedoria, aimed at tackling the first (and most important) life intent-- the inability of people to pursue effectively a discipline of choice. Wedoria will address the root cause of this problem by enabling human beings to connect with 'similar-purpose' individuals and contribute their talent in an open, bias-free, digital environment. The platform that spawns out of this initiative will be called 'MeVero,' or the 'Real Me.' The name signifies the true self-- unlocked.

What Problem does MeVero Address?

Most people in this world are not able to pursue their passions effectively. The first reason is because they cannot access people who can help them progress. The second reason is because they cannot express their talent in an open and bias-free environment.

How does MeVero Address this Problem?

MeVero creates an environment where people can pursue any discipline by accessing similar-purpose individuals; showcasing their talent and getting their work evaluated in a transparent way by their peers, not only gate-keepers.


Wedoria Chronicles is the publishing arm of Wedoria Technologies. This newly-formed label is dedicated to publishing stories that are global in scope - unrestricted by cultural and geographic boundaries, enriched by the spirit of human experiences, empathy and evolution. Wedoria Chronicles promises to usher in a new era of story-telling.

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Aritra Sarkar

Chief Philosopher

Writer, philosopher, technologist. This was who Aritra always wanted to be. Over the last three years, he's been living this dream by writing three graphic novels, a work of philosophy besides forming Wedoria Technologies. He's also a skilled marketer who led his former company's integrated marketing division to national award-winning glory.

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